Bless, 2020
mixed media assemblage
(cotton muslin, disposable medical needles)

You should try harder, you should try this drink, you should avoid stress
Oh dear, bless
It will come, just be patient
Baby will find you, be strong
I never thought at this age it can go so wrong
Don’t despair, don’t listen, just keep looking for the right thing
Look right, look left, look east, look west
East happened to know best.
Aren’t you afraid of coming so far all alone?
Not used to group traveling I’m afraid at all
All done, back home
Another 18 months of wait
Routine is key, pills and needles on circled date
A doctor? You ask me
I have many,
Some think I’m a hero, others – I’m mad
Really? It can’t be so bad!
Two chances.
One varnished, only one left
Did it work?
Oh, bless

World Infertility Day, November 2

The cap needles are arranged on a muslin cloth forming the word ‘Bless’ which is sometimes used to give comfort and express sympathy. These spare disposable needles are from injections given during IVF treatments and are not immediately recognizable. The delicate texture of the muslin mixed with the thin needles and their shadows gives a sense of fragility and threat at the same time. The word Bless alludes also to resilience and a sense of hope and constant shifting of balance between these states.

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