Any Time. Now.


annealed steel wire

group of sculptural objects, dimensions vary

This work is also a part of a travelling exhibition Sandarmoh. Where Trees Have Faces, chosen by the International Memorial via an open call in May 2022.

Step by step, International Memorial unearths history to connect the past with the present, giving us hope that past errors will not reoccur. 

In my work “Any Time. Now” I explore empathy. I want to convey a sense of fragility of connections and the responsibility for keeping and restoring them.  

The sculpture groups are built of unsecured individual elements. Groups of elements are installed on the surface and expected to fall and be repeatedly reinstalled. This artwork is intended for active interaction and engagement with the visitor.  

The idea was conceived in 2020 when I started researching the destinies of the Soviet ‘slave workers’ (forced labourers) in 1941-1943 on the Isle of Jersey under German occupation.