This series was created during the months of April and May of 2020, amid the first Covid lockdown.

I was restricted in my movements outside the house. Inside, it seemed like everything grasped for more space. All the patterns, materials, shapes, colours, shadows, dark corners, stains, dust, tear and wear spoke to me in a high-pitched voice. I noticed every minor change occurring as time curbed its speed. I remember writing in my sketchbook:

The eye rests on the sheer fabric of my curtains throughout the house. I see them waking up in my bedroom, cook, eat and wash dishes in the kitchen and when I work in my improvised home studio. Their fabric is so malleable, I admire the fluidity. The light shines through, casting shadows. The wind pushes them in a whimsical dance, draping into free-form shapes and pleating in some orchestrated chaos.
The interplay of light with textile and movement carries a rhythm, which is syncopated by changing airflow.

Within each image, a section of such an interplay and rhythm is shown.

A fellow musician improvised a piece of music based on the image they were provided.

Music by Alona Mashkov @alonamashkov

press on the photo below to listen